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He represents clients dealing in matters of contract drafting, business entity formation, trademarks, copyrights, and mergers and acquisitions. Charles is known for his personable nature and ability to form connections with clients, which he uses to ensure that his clients receive the best products and services pertaining to their business needs.

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Charles Sexton is a transactional law enthusiast whose journey into the legal profession was fueled by a passion for community engagement and business development. Originating from Winston, Georgia, Charles immersed himself in diverse interests during his undergraduate years at the University of Georgia, including politics, law, and music. He honed his legal acumen by working alongside civil and criminal attorneys in Athens, Georgia, while simultaneously dedicating himself to community service initiatives aimed at supporting low-income families and promoting legal awareness among collegiate students through programs like “Know Your Rights.”


Coming from Winston, Georgia, Charles began his journey into law at the University of Georgia where he immersed himself into many interests: politics, law, and music.

He started working with criminal attorneys in Athens, Ga to obtain experience in the legal field prior to applying to law school. He worked in the community to provide support for low-income families through fundraising and helping promote awareness to collegiate students through a “Know Your Rights” program, partnering with law enforcement, attorneys, and criminal justice professionals within the academic community.

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Diverse Foundations

Transitioning into entertainment law and production, Charles further expanded his skill set, delving into media and speech curation for public figures in the entertainment industry. He was able to help create pitches for reality television shows and work through special contracts with prominent attorneys. However, his aspirations led him to law school, where he sought to bridge his passion for community advocacy with his affinity for business.

During his tenure at law school, Charles became deeply involved in the Small Business and Entrepreneurship Clinic at Elon University School of Law, where he gained invaluable experience assisting small businesses with a range of legal concerns, from entity formation to trademark compliance. As a leadership fellow, he spearheaded initiatives focused on combating the school-to-prison pipeline by mentoring youth and fostering entrepreneurship within the community.

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His Passion

He has always had a passion for helping and supporting people in the community. As his time in undergrad came to an end, he began working in entertainment, indulging in entertainment law, production and media as well as curating speeches for public figures in the entertainment industry.

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Beyond his academic pursuits, Charles remains dedicated to community engagement, particularly in his efforts to reduce recidivism rates among juvenile delinquents in the Charlotte area. He believes in the transformative power of collaborative partnerships and actively works to create frameworks that support ethical and sustainable business practices.

As Charles entered law school…

He wanted to center his focus between his love for the community as well as his love for business. Charles has used his experience from working with entertainment law professionals to cultivate relationships that transcend the typical style of business. He worked at the Small Business and Entrepreneurship Clinic at Elon Law, which solidified his interest in business law. As a leadership fellow, he created a capstone project that centered on the school to prison pipeline, focusing on mentoring your students in the community and promoting young entrepreneurship.

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Champion for Juvenile Rights

Charles Sexton embarked on his legal career with a steadfast commitment to advocating for the rights of juveniles within the Mecklenburg County community. He commenced his journey by joining the Council for Children’s Rights, where he dedicated himself to providing unwavering legal representation to young individuals navigating the complexities of the legal system.

Charles’s experience at the Council for Children’s Rights not only solidified his dedication to serving vulnerable populations but also instilled in him a profound sense of purpose and commitment to social justice. It laid the foundation for his continued advocacy work in the legal field, shaping his career trajectory and reinforcing his belief in the power of legal representation to effect positive change in the lives of individuals and communities alike.

Outside the realm of law, Charles finds solace in music production, travel, fashion, photography, and culinary exploration. His overarching goal is to leave a lasting impact on everyone he encounters, leveraging his legal expertise and genuine empathy to uplift individuals and communities alike.


Practice Areas

  • Business Law
  • Intellectual Property
  • Real Estate


  • North Carolina


  • Elon University School of Law, J.D.
    • Moot Court 
    • Elon Law Business Journal 
    • Elon Law Small Business and Entrepreneurship Clinic 
    • Leadership Fellow 
  • The University of Georgia 
    • Political Science 
    • Sociology – Criminal Justice 
    • Music Business

Professional Affiliations

  • North Carolina Bar Association
  • 10th Judicial District 
  • Business Networking International – Triangle Area 
  • Holly Springs Small Business Network 
  • Triangle Black Owned Businesses

Community Service

  • HBCU Pre Law Summit 
  • Elon Law Tax Clinic 
  • NC A&T Pre Law Mentorship Program